Tuesday, 6 April 2010

All Quiet On The Dudley Front?

There are plenty more "reports" on Youtube, easily found by their search engine using phrases such as "Dudley March" - but there seems to have been next to no mainstream media interest or reporting of this protest march against the local council being over ridden by central government and forced to ignore the wishes of local people who handed in a petition with over 20,000 signatures against building yet another mosque.

When you consider the crap with which the mainstream media fill their pages and airtime, why was this "ignored"?

Was there a media black-out ordered by "Justice Minister" Jackweasel Straw? Or was it the job of Postman Prat?

Oh, and before any of the window-lickers get excited, my interest here is nothing to do with racism, xenophobia, or religion. It is in the manipulation of the mainstream media by our ever more totalitarian government.

The Penguin


Rod said...

It's called Community Cohesion, or press censorship.

E.D.L. said...

What about the media blackout when a whole leadership team was arrested at Luton airport and thier homes searched by armed police, they were on the way to support the SDL demo in Edinburgh. Not a word from the MSM