Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Could He By Any Chance Be A Muslim?

Anjoum Noorani

It's certain he's not a Catholic, but could the diplomat in charge of upsetting the Pope be a Muslim by any chance?

The Penguin


PJH said...

Does it really matter? An atheist could have quite easily have come up with the same list. Anyways...

From the linked article:

Papal aides believe the Government’s choice of non-Catholic staff typifies the “lack of respect” being shown towards the first ever state visit by a Pontiff.

I was always taught that respect had to be earnt, and the catholic church had done little in this regard over the past few decades.

I'd rather the whole trip be canceled, or if he must come over, he should be paying for it himself instead of expecting the Government^Wtaxpayer to be paying for the trip that, only 1.45% of the population of the UK has any (positive) interest in. (2005 figures)

Anonymous said...

If you doubt Brown and co are the biggest traitors to Britain watch this..

The Penguin said...

See my earlier blog.

Anonymous said...

Hmm interesting thing to see.
The sender of the email was I believe according to the telegraph unhappy about the visit because of the catholic church stance on gay issues.
Muslims are anti gay too are they not ?
Wonder what would have happened if Islam had been treated in a flippant way like that then.
A resultant shrieking looney with a dagger probably.

Cynical Bloke said...

He just *looks* like the sort to do something like this. A face you would never tire of punching...

The other one (pic in the Daily Mail) also looks like a bit of a twat.

Oh well. Hopefully they're enjoying the heat of being exposed in Her Majesty's press. (i'm not a Catholic, but still don't like to see the FCO arse around like this)

burpin and fartin said...

Interesting that he hasn't had the sack. If he'd been white and christian, would he have been sacked? I bet ya two Bibles, five rosaries and a crucifix he would have been!

Captain Swing said...

Definitely a mussie.Shouldnt he be arrested for inciting racial hatred or something similar.
Of more concern is all the crap on the white "blackboard" behind him which clearly indicates he is of unsound mind .
Remember the shit hitting the fan over the Danish cartoons well lets hope the Catholic church takes equal offence and puts a contract out on this little twat.

Sean O'Hare said...

I just don't understand how the FCO could employ somebody like this. What are they thinking of? What happened to positive vetting?

Anonymous said...

Imagine the uproar if he had suggested that a prominent Muslim cleric bless a gay marriage? Wow, riot police on overtime.