Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Fire The DPP and Hang Jack Straw

Do The Decent Thing You Cunt - Shoot Yourself!

What a fucking shambles our so-called Criminal Justice System is!

They fuck over the victims of crime rather than apprehend and punish the fucking perpetrators. So much for Bliar's "Tough on Crime, Tough on the Causes of Crime" fucking sound-bite - the reality is rather more "Tough on the Victims of Crime, Dosh for M'learned Friends".

How much of my taxpayer's fucking money have the Plod and the CPS (led bythat cunt Kier Stammer) pissed away on the totally wrong prosecution of an honest hard-working bloke who did the world a favour by getting rid of a scum-bag with a criminal record as long as his scrawny arm who he caught burgling his mother's flat? Only to have to drop the case because the "evidence" they relied upon was a pack of lies from a 14-year old accomplice with a similar record. Fuckwits!! Heads should roll - sadly we know they fucking won't.

I now hope the innocent party sues the cunts for loads of dosh - even though it comes from the tax-payer it might discourage similar fuck-ups in future.

The Penguin

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