Thursday, 15 April 2010

Good Target For Saving Money - Axe The CPS

Get A Grip You Odious Little Weasel!

The Cunt Protection Service is in severe need of being axed.

This would save money and increase the standing of the Criminal Justice System, which can never ever have been at a lower level.

The arseholes prosecute a bloke for having a pocket knife in the glove-box of his car - a charge brought no doubt as a petty vindictive act by plod who failed to do him for drink-driving.

Yet they refuse to do anything about a bunch of feral gypsy children molesting a teenager in broad daylight as being "not in the public interest".

Complete fuckwits.

The Penguin


Get Smart said...

If McDoom looses all liebour appointed jobsworths should have to reapply for their jobs and then be sacked.

Uncle Marvo said...

Sorry, Pingu. You're wrong. These are not "feral gypsy children", not in Coventry.

The term Romany in this context refers to a species known colloquially as "Pikey". A 12 year old Pikey is equivalent to an 18-20 year old yoof of other (dubious) extraction.

I make no apologies for using the term "Pikey" in this context and will happily go on the telly to explain it.

I am glad, for their collective sakes, that none of my daughters was the victim, for I, too, carry a knife. I call him Stanley. In my pocket. At all times.

If anyone would like to see some Pikeys they are more than welcome to visit - I can show you loads. They are not very entertaining, unless you liked Pulp Fiction or Trainspotting.

wv: couth

The Penguin said...


Uncle Marvo said...

Well, you did walk into it!

Anonymous said...

Tool up: there's no alternative left.