Thursday, 1 April 2010

More Brownies


I am Stan said...

Yoooo Penguin,

I think all the parties have realised that the public are concerned about immigration,so obviously there are votes to be won in taking a firm line...

Captain Haddock said...

I reckon the wording behind McSnot should read .. "Manipulating Immigration for a fuller Britain" ..

I couldn't give a Fish's tit where anyone comes from .. so long as when they arrive here, they respect our Laws & accept our way of life ..

My objection is that we're a small island and, try as he might, no matter how clever he thinks he is .. McSnot still can't get a Quart into a Pint pot ..

And I suspect that sooner, rather than later the pot is gonna spill over ..

Earthlet Nigel said...

When they arrive (legally) they should leave their cultures behind them.
Immigration step one; Eat Pork
Step two; embrace alcohol and get pissed
Step three; swear allegiance to the country and its institutions

Any baulking at this it's the next banana-boat back