Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Agent Of Change!

Gordon Jonah MacCavity Brown, The Great Leader (Unelected), Prime Mentalist was under fierce attack on a Radio One Phone-In yesterday for his expense claims and immigration, amongst other things. You can see why they try and keep him away from the general public!

Anyway, the one-eyed snot-gobbler claimed that he was not interested in money but had come into politics becasue he wanted to effect changes.

Well, you disgusting lying toe-rag, you have made changes.

You've changed thousands of people's pensions from sufficient to insufficient.
You've changed the tax-grab by the state considerably by various stealth taxes.
You've starved our Armed Forces of money and equipment whilst they fight two wars.
You've trapped millions on your Welfare and Tax Credit System.
You've changed the regulation of financial institutions so they ran out of control.
You've given millions of jobs to immigrants.
You've given away our sovereignity despite your mainfesto pledge.
You've let thousands of criminals walk free.
You've failed to deport foreign criminals.
You've politicised the civil service.
You've fucked up the Criminal Justice system.
You've presided over sleaze and corruption unseen since the 18th century.
You've changed our gold bullion reserves and lost the nation £7 BILLION.

I'm bored now, but the charge sheet could go on and on.

Do us all a favour and drop dead.

The Penguin

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