Monday, 26 April 2010

Hello, Is That Inland Revenue's Nark And Informer Service?

"Fuck Me, This Pork's A Bit Ripe!"

Because there's this dodgy geezer seems to have far more cash than you could honestly accululate ( accumulate, sorry for typo!) selling rank meat off a stall in Brixton. He's got so much he's busy bribing the Labour Party with huge donations in a desperate attempt to keep the corrupt tossers in power. You ought to get in there and sniff around, know what I mean?

The Penguin

PS Looks like eating dodgy meat has a nasty and immediate effect on your left arm....


Uncle Marvo said...

Sad that anyone wants to be seen with that cunt.

Still, I learnt a new word today. I shall try to use "accululate" in coversation later.

The Penguin said...

Best of luck...I often try and slip floccipaucinaucinihilification in, but it's kind of tricky.