Thursday, 11 March 2010

Uducashun, Edyoucashone, Edukashion - Every Little Helps!!

"Sew Wot?"

13 years of NuLiebore placing such importance on "Education, Education, Education" ( T. Bliar ) have produced impressive results.

One of our biggest employers has publically stated (twice) that school leavers are basically unfit for employment. They can't read, or write, and have attitude problems.

Well done!! Surely a promotion for Ed Balls has to be imminent?

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Yup, such a balls up should guarantee Balls promotion. It's the Labour way.

Uncle Marvo said...

And that's TESCO

I thought they'd take anyone. The ones I've met in their IT department must either have been relatives of the CEO or have caught someone shagging someone they shouldn't have.

Anonymous said...

This lisping, talentless fuckstick is a perfect demo of what is wrong with this country. I have to get young servicemen and women up to speed as part of my job and they are fucking useless, the whole fucking lot of them. I would take one 80s kid for every ten of these cheeky little cunts any day of the week.

Katabasis said...

Just to repeat something I posted over at Obo's place today:

I have to echo Bella's sentiments here. I teach at University level and feel utter horror at the prospect that the majority of my students might actually be representative. Discussions with collegues confirms that this is a distinct possibility.

I understood, from my own time studying, that it was primarily a self-directed learning experience and you got out what you put in.

In one of the classes I teach, the students normally have about five pages of size-12 font notes, often less, to read before each lesson. This is so, having covered the basic concepts in this handful of pages, I can spend the lesson teaching them more advanced concepts.

Without fail, every damn week, they haven't read the notes and I spend most of the lesson explaining the basic concepts to them, instead of answering questions they might have had as a result of already reading about them and covering the more advanced material.

One student today was busily scribbling down the diagrams I had been drawing on the whiteboard. I stopped her and pointed out that this diagram was already in the notes - notes which would have taken them less than 20 minutes / week to read.

Sometimes I just want to give up.

On the other hand, with regard to the points Obo has raised, I have to say there is also a very unhealthy targets culture at work, at least in University level teaching.

I shouldn't be fitting my students to a fucking Bell curve, swayed one way or the other by current university policy. If they work hard, they should be rewarded with high grades, if they slack off and can't even be bothered to cover the basics, they should fail. End of.

Also, having had the chance to compare our domestic students with Erasmus students (exchange students, usually from Europe, who complete their degree dissertation at the host institution), I am utterly terrified of what the British workforce is going to be like in a decade compared to our European peers.

Every single Erasmus student I have had the pleasure to deal with has been a first-class student (and they also always found time and energy to play hard too), and not by a small amount either; their commitment to study - even in a second language! - is absolutely stellar compared to what I've seen of the home-grown crop.

Anonymous said...

I'm involved in Adult Ed & the hordes of young people coming through the door who haven't the slightest idea about either Maths or English - some of them can't even speak it - and that's the home grown white ones. They also expect everything to be handed to them on a plate - that fat bint 'Yeah, but no but' from Little Britain is horrifyinly true to life

Observer said...

Seriously, these kids are getting the education that is ideally suited to their collective futures. There's no point spunking good money on the next generation of pizza tossers and burger flippers, which is what 90% of these kids will end up as (the rest enjoying fleeting fame on some crappy TV talent contest before disappearing into obscurity for ever, or getting shot as cannon fodder in some cunt's illegal war.)

Anonymous said...

"One of our biggest employers has publically stated (twice) that school leavers are basically unfit for employment. They can't read, or write, and have attitude problems"

What's the problem just knock out 4 or 5 kids and your made for life never need to ever work.

The Fat Councillor said...

Why is this cretin still in government? Hopeless, bullying idiot.

Anonymous said...

Boy, am I royally pissed off - I open the evening paper to find this cunt visited our area yesterday. He went to the new infants school nearby, and was photographed "enjoying" fish & chips at the shop down the road. He apparently also did some canvassing in the area.

Fucking shame he didn't knock on my door - he wouldn't be smiling now.....

Dazed And Confused said...

I get the feeling when our vile New Labour Ministers door step canvas these days, they're already well aware of Socialist friendly abodes to call upon, because if this cunt knocked on my door there be fucking hell to pay.