Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Slaphead Slapped Down!

The Badger seems to have discovered some small measure of backbone in recent months.

He has obviously given the ludicrous Liam Byrne a right bollocking, causing a rapid back-tracking over his preposterous claims concerning there being no need for any additional tax rises to try to cut the deficit.

Poor Mr. Byrne must be sick of the taste of humble pie.

The Penguin


Uncle Marvo said...

"huge social unrest".

Interesting phrase, an interesting way to end an article and in an interesting context.

If you Google "huge social unrest", with the quotes, you'll see.


Anonymous said...

He was given the Wire Brush & Dettol treatment by The Badger.

Anonymous said...


Brilliant penguin... it sums the prat right up.

I did a blog on him too...

Total dipstick... Eat crow you twat.

Anonymous said...

Couldnt happen to more deserving chap!