Wednesday, 3 March 2010

R. I. P. Michael Foot

Goodbye Michael Foot, about as close as possible to an honest and principled politician.

And you were right about Soviet Communism, unlike many of your stupid colleagues, and about the Falklands, and about Britain being better off outside the EUSSR.

A complete contrast to that cunt and intellectual pigmy Gordon McCavity Broon.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Although Bottler Brown is almost licking Foot's empty boots in an attempt to be 'in with the in crowd'. Harridan & McCunt have been on TV smarming away, accompanied by a photograph of a very young (and very ugly) Brown talking to Foot. I had to turn it off before I either threw up or threw something through the screen.

Umbongo said...

"A complete contrast to that cunt and intellectual pigmy Gordon McCavity Broon" and, as it happens, Cameron.

The Penguin said...

Are you some sort of imbecile, Umbongo? Jonah's got a well proven track record, whereas Cameron has still got it all to prove one way or another.

Catosays said...

Sorry ,my friend, but I can't share your feelings for Foot.
That bastard would have sold this country to Russia or the next highest bidder had he ever been in a position of power.

As I said on Mrs Dale's Diary, I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire...I do so hope he'll be cremated.

Kit said...

Good riddance to the socialist swine.

I know we are supposed to all admire his integrity and so on. The fact is he was a hardline socialist who was wrong on every major matter.

paulo said...

I am with the last two. He was a fucking nutter. And unfortunately he did leave a legacy - all this frigging state interference we have now.

If Foot had ever got in the present mess might have been avoided.

It would have arrived about 25 years earlier.

RIP thank goodness.

(and usually I agree with you RP.)



Atheist Ranter said...

I thought the man was a twat. Ben and Foot, as bad and as stupid as each other

Anonymous said...

Another feckin dead socialist. Good!

The Penguin said...

Oh I do agree he was a complete nutter in many ways - and he'd have been a complete disaster as Prime Minister, just as he was useless as a cabinet minister. But he stuck to his (mostly wrong) principles, which is more than you can say for the cunt with the spinning moral compass.

North Northwester said...

Integrity when you're 100% wrong is a fault; not a virtue. And the Soviet Union did mean to have us by any means necessary. Now their pals are in government and in many of our institutions, so Foot needn't have bothered.
Rest in peace, indeed, but he was our Quisling, and sincerity does not absolve him from the crimes he was prepared to have committed against us all by his 'innocent' Soviet pals.

Still, his lunacy gave us another term or two of Mrs. thatcher, which was the last time we were even half-decently governed, so accidental good came from his existence.

former Oxford don Michael Foot said...

Mussolini, Saddam and Hitler stuck to their principles aswell Rantin. Would you have given them an equally good eulogy ?
He spent the war in his Mayfair apartment and nearly finished off his party and sent it into oblivion( would have been good right enough). The gang of four SDP saga was over the fuckwits barking mad policies . Unilateral nuclear disarmament in the middle of the cold war and closed shops for the unions backed up by government legislation.

Anonymous said...

Still a Labour cunt, though!

Kit said...

Just read the Telegraph article that let me know that wonderful public servant, Parliamentarian, writer, wit and excellent friend to all who knew him took money from the fucking KGB.

I hope he is in hell.