Monday, 15 March 2010

Separated At Birth?

Surely the useless un-necessary and over-paid "Children's Commissar" Maggie Atkinson must be closely related to that other well known Saviour Of Under Privileged And At Risk Children, Sharon "Not My Fault|" Shoesmith, lately of Haringey's Department For Social Engineering?

If not actually twins.

Not just that they are both pig-scarers, but they seem to have much else in common.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

She certainly is extremely ugly. Stupid bitch.

McEgan's Mummy said...

Why are these Communist bitches *so* fucking ugly ?

nation-wrecking whores the lot of 'em !

Anonymous said...

No wonder the white birthrate in the UK is going down if that's an example of what you've got to s***.
Joking apart, the cause of her uselessness is very plain when you look at her CV - previous post - the Sharon Shoesmith of yet another Labour controlled council.

Anonymous said...

They actually think what they do is real work, rather than the self serving circular paper shuffling post that it is.

Captain Haddock said...

Bloody hell .. yet another professional "Baby scarer" ..

Have Liebore got a secret captive breeding facility hidden away somewhere ?

Captain Swing said...


Captain Haddock said...

Surely, even an "Anchovy Bay Commando" would have to be desperate to want to get stuck across that ? ..

Captain Swing said...

Why is it that whenever I have the misfortune to come into contact with someone from local government they are all clones of this ugly bitch.
Pig Ugly lebian man hater with dyed hair and dingly dangly earings.They are all the same and they are all without exception fucking useless.I love to hear them start their inane skkkkkkreeeching when you disecting their argument bit by bit.
I find it especially satisfying if when talking to said ugly bitch you refer to the local "traveller community" as a bunch of thieving pikeys and their typical client base as a load of ignorant lazy chavs good for nothing other than rendering down for biodiesel.
It sends them over the edge if you dont play by their rules and the entertainment factor is unlimited.

As you can probably tell I dont like public servants much.

Uranus, the pedant said...

Spellcheckers are available!

The Penguin said...

Better a pedant than a pederast.

Anonymous said...

Are we sure she wasn't born a he?