Friday, 5 March 2010

The German Solution Wont Work For Britain

"And This Time We Get To Keep Them!"

It's all very well the Germans suggesting they'll only bail the bankrupt Greeks out in return for Corfu and Rhodes, but I doubt if they will make the same offer when Jonah has finished fucking up the British economy.

After all, St Kilda and Rockall don't have quite the same appeal.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

But the Ilses on White & Man might be attractive enough.

Joe Public said...

That solution also also rids Trevor Philips & Harriet Harman of lack-of-diversity problems

Ed P said...

Surely they would prefer The Channel Islands (back again)?

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Jimmy

Isle of Wight and Isle of Dogs

Ed P said...

Is that the final solution?

Leg-iron said...

They can't have Islay.

The malts! The malts!

We need Rockall too. For the Labour party central orifice.

nutcracker said...

why give 'em Rockall when we've got fuck all?