Sunday, 14 March 2010

Nasty Smell From The Glasgow Pork Barrel

Politically Dead And Actually Dead

Oh dear, it seems that the lid has fallen off the Pork Barrel in Glasgow, and there's a nasty smell polluting the air.

Still, there's nothing new about that, and the good voters of Glasgow will still support the corrupt and venal Labour clique who have done fuck all for them over the years. Stupid cretins.

However, one might hope that Inspector McKnacker would wake up and investigate the handing of vast amounts of public money to a major Labour donor, and his links to disgraced cocaine using council leader "Fat Willie" Purcell. There's a dead body fouling things up as well, which may force McKnacker's hand.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Nah. Penny, The Dunblane mafia will sweep up any problems that might threaten the capital of pederasty and pollution.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen. Never does.

Don't know who I would trust nowadays to sort out the endemic corruption. Certainly not the police.