Sunday, 28 March 2010

Another Bonus For Custard Face Woolas!

Home Office Minister Phil Woolas With An Admirer

Surely little Phil "Custard Face" Woolas should get another bonus, as should every hard-working member of his much vaunted UK Borders Agency?

Continually boasting about how secure our borders are and how illegal immigration has been stopped by his considerable efforts and towering intellect, I wonder if he has anything to say about the interesting case of prolific bag thief Hakim Benmakhlouf, who has already been deported twice but seems to have slipped past Custard Face's finest yet again.

He was even paid £3,000 to fuck off the first time. Was he paid similarly the second time around? Is this why he keeps coming back?

The lunatics are indeed running the asylum.

The Penguin


Captain Haddock said...

Woolas needs a good, hard kick in the nuts .. just to concentrate his mind and to remind him that HE works for US ..

As for the Algerian "tea-leaf" .. let's have his right hand off at the wrist .. see how many bags he snatches then ..

Plus, we'll have the money back which we paid him on condition that he didn't return ..

Can't pay ? .. No problem .. let's make it both hands then .. Fair's fair, after all ..

I am Stan said...

Yo! Pengiun,

Mmmmm its a total farce,paying crims to leave the country...what the fucks that all about....illegal and a thief?...deport immediately...simples!.

I would have thought 3 grand would go a long way in Algeria....

Anonymous said...

A poster once said that apparently Woolas always was a poisonous cunt in his past, but when I asked for details, none were forthcoming....anyone?

Anonymous said...

what an incompetent cunt! Now that's a surprise isn't it - Labour Minister shit at his job.

The Penguin said...

concrete pump said...

Maybe it's because i have been drinking all day.
Or possibly the 'Jack Herer' i have been smoking.
But Stan, i find it hard to understand your posts.

What point are you trying to make?

I am Stan said...

Have another drink pump...they get easier to understand ;-)