Sunday, 10 May 2009

Now The Tax Inspector Is Getting Involved!

It seems that HMRC have woken up to the fact that politicians have been on the fiddle. I know from talking to various folk within HMRC that they have no great regard for Gordon McBroon and his colleagues, as they are still furious about the merger of the Inland Revenue with Customs and Revenue and the job losses and relocations. So MPs can expect a degree of diligence that might well make them uncomfortable. And of course, HMRC may well think it is within their remit to see if things other than just CGT issues arise from their investigations.

Still, nothing to hide, nothing to fear!

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

I would so love a few ministers to fall fowl of HMRC and be hauled before the courts.

Icing on the shit cake. :-)

subrosa said...

Customs and Excise may just have an input too, after all they're the VAT folk. We can but live in hope.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify The Inland Revenue was merged with HM Customs & Excise to form HMR&C.