Sunday, 10 May 2009

Bang To Rights But Still Lying And Wriggling

Phil "Joanna's Pet" Woolas, the unfortunate little twerp in charge of the immigration fiasco seems not to know when to stop digging. Instead of putting his hands up and apologising, even trying for the honest mistake excuse, he is still trying to justify the indefensible.

He has been caught bang to rights claiming for things that he should not have claimed for, but he doesn't seem able to admit it.

Perhaps we should ask Joanna Lumley to have another word with him.

The Penguin

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captainff said...

My favourite quote has to be

"The claim is one document and the receipts are another. The fact that they both add up to the same amount doesn't prove anything. It doesn't mean that the fees office paid for the non-food items on the receipt."