Sunday, 10 May 2009

Hoon Of The Day

Doctor Malcolm Jack

Part Time Clerk To The Commons, Full Time Cunt.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Snouts to the left, snouts to the right, snouts almost everwhere.

The Penguin said...

Have you clocked the address in South Africa?

Anonymous said...

Send a pig to Parliament FTAO Mr Speaker. Anything will do - picture,badge,stuffed toy, balloon.

And then - and this is the important part - send an email to the BEEB, and SKY News and the Telegraph (why not - I hate the hoons and after the stunt they played on Guido I wrote and told them I would break the habit of 55 years and stop buying, and I did - but they have gone some way to redeeming themselves now) Stress again THIS IS IMPORTANT because we don't know the extent of the success of OH's "Send-a-shirt-to-Gordon" because obviously the Stasi are not going to admit either that it is going on, or the size of it. So we need a mechanism of information disemination that the MSM can't ignore - and lots and lots of us to do it of course.

WV crackeds! you couldn't make it up (and I didn't)

Anonymous said...

His job has to be on the line.

His office approving an entire central heating replacement when at worst a boiler thermostat was required.

Approving a 40" TV when even a 30" one would be extravegant

RayD said...

What's the term for government by gays? Homocracy?

"You know what's wrong wid England? Too many pooftas in de gob'ment" Robert Mugabe, courtesy of Spitting Image.

"You know how funny queers get when their looks start to go." Harold Shand, The Long Good Friday.