Saturday, 9 May 2009

Never Mind The Cleaner, Why Was Jonah Claiming A Second Home Allowance At All?

On gaining office in 1997, Tony Teflon appointed Wee Jimmy G. McBroon as Chancellor of the Exchequer. As Chancellor of The Exchequer, Jonah had use of the flat above 11 Downing Strasse, which he and Tony agreed to swop with the one above 10 Downing Strasse, presumably because of all the little Bliars needing more space than a dour Scottish cunt with a rocking chair and a few toy farm animals.

So why has the bastard been allowed to charge anything at all for a second fucking home? Let alone £116,234 in the years 2001/2 to 2007/8? Was his moral compass not working?

The Penguin


Anonymongous said...

That's the problem with McMoral Compasses, they go haywire around power, and rather like that ring they take whatever (claimed) wit the owner preciousssssss

Gareth said...

That would scupper McBroon in one fell swoop. Had both Brown and the Fees Office stuck to the Green Book rules there was no neccessity for any second home costs to be met by the taxpayer.

He shouldn't have submitted it and they shouldn't have paid it.

Old Bag said...

gordoom have a moral compass? please! the cunt cant even spell the words "moral" and "compass" let alone posses one.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I think the decaying old bastard claims not to have used the No. 10 apartment since becoming PM.