Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Pathetic Excuse They Keep Trotting Out

Dishonest, Cheating, Lying Scum

"All of the expenses I have received are within the rules and have been approved by the House of Commons authorities."

They just do not seem to realise that the public are outraged by the "rules" as well as by their shameless bending of the spirit of the rules (which they themselves drafted) in order to line their fucking pockets at the taxpayers expense, and the way they have fought tooth and nail to try and hide what they are claiming.

If it was all so fucking squeaky clean, why spend so much time, effort and (public) money trying to keep it secret?

I had a very low opinion of politicians before this, but even as cynical old bastard I am shocked by some of the revelations of the scale and greed of MP's troughing.

Iain Wright, who succeeded Lord Mandelson as MP for Hartlepool following a by-election, bought furniture for his second home without actually having one. He justified this with the argument that he would acquire a second home if he kept his seat at the next general election – but feared that if he did not make his claim before it, he would miss out on the amount that he believed he was entitled to claim for the year.

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