Monday, 4 May 2009

It Just Beggars Belief

Bernard Richmond QC on the right.

I am well aware of the self-serving justifications that m'learned friends trot out in defense of their huge fees, that even down right filth like Steven Barker should be properly represented by the best legal teams that taxpayers' money can provide, but surely even the most cynical and coldly calculating barrister should be able to make a moral judgement and decide that some things are just beyond the pale?

It seems not. Led by Bernard Richmond QC, Steven Barker's legal team tried to have the case (in which he, the murderer of Peter Connolly, was found guilty of the anal rape of Peter's 2 year old sister) thrown out 8 times, subjected the toddler to severe cross examination, including accusing her of lying, and are now going to the Court Of Appeal.

Bernard Richmond works at the Chambers Of Ami Feder should anyone want to contact him.

Who is funding this frenzy of corrupt and callous legal fee generation in support of completely worthless scum, notionally, but in reality adding yet more to their fees? That's right, us fucking taxpayers are.

And I'm not at all happy about it. I do hope that our Justice Secretary gets asked some awkward questions about this, not that I really expect the slippery weasel to do anything other than wring his greasy hands and express concern. But come the change of the guard, may I suggest that root and branch reform is urgently required?

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

Its like the old joke about the difference between a dead lawyer and a dead dog in the road?

There are skidmarks in front of the dog.

aproposofwhat said...

I'm horrified by this sort of case too, but can't think of any reforms that would stop this sort of farce without impacting other, more worthy cases that can and should go to appeal.

Short of making certain classes of offence unappealable (or making the conditions for appeal much more onerous), there isn't much we can do other than to create a new offence of 'vexatious appeal', whereby a barrister taking an unmeritorious case to appeal could face punishment himself.

And I hate Neues Arbeit for introducing 3,000 new offences, so I'd be a hypocrite to advocate yet another one.

wonderfulforhisage said...

This is the rule of law in action and for your's and mine sake it must be allowed to take its course.

The rule of law by definition is blind to the crime and the character of the criminal.

In the big picture this blindness is there to protect you Mr P. and me and everybody else.

I say 'well done' to Barker's legal team for operating so diligently.

I'm surprised at your rant Mr P.

The Penguin said...

You must be new here.

Lexander said...

Don't ever stop ranting Peng. Even locally, the fucking defense "excuses" put up by lawyers makes my blood boil. And as for the community service punishments - bollocks. They should be either heavily fined or shoved inside - preferably in an Eastern European prison where they will cost less.

The Penguin said...

Summary execution Chinese-style with the family sent a bill for the bullet. Pretty soon we'd have a much nicer society.

DaveP said...

Steven fucking Barker should be left unguarded in the prison showers for a half hour. I feel this could result in saving legal aid money.

Earthlet Nigel said...

That they were tried under false names would indicate that there is more to come. Yes I too am sickened by them going for an appeal, but that is the way of the British judicial system. The appeal judges may decide, and I hope they do, that an appeal cannot go ahead.

I feel here, and I don't think I am alone that we have merely stirred the surface of this cesspit and that the stench arising will pervade into the echelons of government.

There is also the "small" (hahfuckingha) fact of the suppression of evidence with regard to Haringey SS not knowing about Barker. My guess on this aspect is that Showsmith's circle will be involved here. I note that on her hearing for unfair dismissal that it has gone quiet.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Right up until they killed someone who was later proven innocent. Fortunately, that doesn't happen very often in the UK.