Friday, 8 May 2009

Would The Witness Please Stop Mumbling And Stuttering And ANSWER The Question?

Oh, it keeps on getting better.

On top of Joanna Lumley skewering the hapless little twat "Custard Pie" Woolas, and the ex-Secretary General of NuLiebore complaining about the leaderships' cowardice, and the expense claims being all over the press, comes news that Nadine is to sue not only Damian McBride, but also Dolly Dripper and Gus "Whitewash" O'Donnell for libel.

Fantastic - you can just see Jonah on the witness stand, squirming and gurning and maybe even dancing as he stutters and stumbles and tries to avoid answering the question. But he won't have the stupid rules of the House of Commons or the supine fat troughpig Speaker Martin to protect him, he'll have m'learned friend eager to earn a reputation as the barrister who crucified the Prime Mentalist sticking it to him.

Should be great fun!

The Penguin


North Northwester said...

Just you wait for New Labour to accuse Dorries of dragging political discourse into the gutter and the Tories of not caring about the peeepul because they aren't concentrating on the issues.

Which is exactly what Screw Labour did in the dying years of John Major's pathetic government.

Chalcedon said...

Actually a bit more fun than Michael Savage suing Jackboots for defamation, but only just. Apparently he has a good case. I think he was included as he was white, for a bit of racial balance.

This government is utterly incompetent. Nice ambush by Joanna too. Had the little turn squirming with that impromtu press conference. I expect Wooly to get a severe bollocking from McBroon.

subrosa said...

I'd never heard of her until the Draper business but she appeared on Question Time in Scotland last night. She was so badly briefed I almost felt embarrassed for her but toward the end she realised she was well out of her depth so just shut up.

At least she did one thing right.

Chalcedon said...

Damn my typos. 'little turd' that should read

Joe Public said...

With, or, without Cherie for the Defence?