Friday, 8 May 2009

Expense Claims? - I Just Made Them Up!

"It was all within the rules, so you can fuck off!"

“I’m afraid that the reality of life over the last few years is that I’ve often had to complete the claims in marginal time and without recourse to all the records.”

“Sorry about that too — accountancy does not appear to be my strongest suit.”

Gives you a warm feeling of confidence that Slippery Jack is diligent and thorough and painstaking and scrupulous in his work?

Never mind, he's been pretty good at troughing over the 30 years he's been sucking on the public teat, and I'm sure his contacts will ensure a niced cushy retirement with plenty of consultancy income and directors fees to add to his gold-plated pension. He is best mates with Lord Death of Blackburn, after all.

Personally, I hope he gets bowel cancer.

The Penguin


Snowolf said...

This is now a 'target rich' environment. All the non-parliamentary parties need to get togther and pull names out of a hat to ensure they are all hounded out of office.

What a beautiful day, and the Met Office say the summer is going to be a cracker. Looks like they're going to be spot on!

Anonymous said...

"sucking on the public teat"

fucking brilliant!

No wonder they can't do their job. They are not affected by inflation, interest rates or recessions so are not motivated to change things quicker.

This needs to change. They should be banned from putting in ALL expenses pending an investigation on the expense payment teams.