Friday, 1 May 2009

The Real Problem With LDV Vans

Is that they are utterly crap.

I had occasion to hire one a couple of years ago, a MWB LDV Maxus. It wasn't what we had wanted, but the company we had booked a van through cocked things up, and this Maxus was what we ended up with as it was that or no van at all.

The rear doors were so ill fitting that even when closed and locked they were sufficiently open to leave the interior light on and thus a flat battery and an immobile van - on a 120 acre site, full of heavy kit needing to be in a variety of places. So I used the Volvo to tow start it until the LDV engineer arrived.

He arrived in a Mercedes Sprinter.

I think that tells you everything you need to know about LDV vans.

The Penguin


W. S. Badfellowe said...

LDV Vans?

Horrible nasty uncomfortable things, lousy to drive. Only ever purchased by fleet buyers who never actually have to spend a second in them themselves.

Give me a Ford Transit any day.

The Penguin said...

I have a Transit, but when I can I will change it either for a larger Transit or an Iveco, as it is on limits of being overloaded and struggles up hills as a result.

It's also noisy and more than a bit bashed :-)

I call it Gloria Mundi.

Lexander said...

As always Peng. spot on. They have not been able to screw vehicles together in the midlands for years now. Remember Shitish Leyland?

The Penguin said...

Can't blame it on location or workforce skills. It is always shit officers and NCO's not shit squaddies. Peugeot plant in Ryton had decent QC, for example, and Jaguar seems to have an improved record of late.

Matthew said...

I also have a Transit. I hate its howling 2.5 diesel engine but its good on fuel. I hate LDV crappy urnreliable shite