Sunday, 3 May 2009

Not A Good Weekend For Blinky Balls.

If only he was not such a deeply unpleasant and odious little cunt one might find it in one's heart to feel a twinge of pity for poor Blink Balls, who is having a rough weekend. But he is and I for one would not piss in his ear if his brain was on fire.

The Headmaster's Conference ignored Blinky and have decided to scupper his stupid and failed SATS exams for primary schools. For the first time EVER the NUHT have balloted their members on industrial action. Well done, Blinky!

And his lies about the SATS fiasco are emerging....

Then there's the Damian McBride affair, which dear Blinky is still trying to pretend was nothing to do with him, he hardly knows the bloke. It's not going away though, Blinky, especially now dear old "diner"-saur and pie stuffer Charles "Three Lunches" Clarke has got the bit between the teeth. Revenge is a dish best enjoyed cold, they say, and all those who have been the victims of smears peddled by Damian and his chums are lining up for payback. Nice!

Then his role as Minister in charge of "failing child protection" is in the spotlight as the anal rape of what I suspect has to be a two yeare old sister to Peter Connolly hits the front pages. Shall we mark that up as a success, Blinky?

And to top it all, it seems his dear husband Yvette "The Boy" Cooper has been being driven around in her ministerial limousine by a child molester.

This may not be his fault, of course, but as he and his erstwhile friend Damian McBride know, shit sticks. And smells.

The Penguin

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Chalcedon said...

The lying sack of shit. he and his muppet smeared the ex head of the exams authority and lied like buggery to the select committee. They should be sacked. Or honourably (LMAO) resign. What do we get? A smirk. Utter TWAT!