Sunday, 3 May 2009

Another Piggy Caught Troughing!

"Is It Because I'm Black?" "No, It's Because You're A Trough Pig!"

Labour Peer Baroness Uddin has trousered nearly two hundred thousand quid tax free from taxpayers in respect of claiming to live in Maidstone (and an undisclosed location prior to that) despite evidence and witness statements that she never lived there and that the flat was not even furnished.

Amazingly, only hours after the Sunday Times asked her about this "discrepancy" the noble Baroness and members of her family suddenly turned up in Maidstone and started to occupy the flat, including having to get a heating engineer in to fix the boiler. What a coincidence!

Nice to see the dead tree press rediscovering investigative journalism!

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

Crossposted this one.

Lexander said...

Obviously learned a few tricks from the Blairs. And there was me thinking all Bangladeshies were poor!

Chalcedon said...

FFS! I hope she gets prosecuted. This is fraud. Utter fraud. Deception, lies and fraud. But of course she is a Labour peer, so that's OK.

aproposofwhat said...

What I can't understand is why a Bangladeshi would leave a property unoccupied - there are so many of Britain's enemies they could be housing!

Fucking horrible cow.

mikey said...

Baroness Uddin How fucking dare you, you troughing shitcunt. Fucking give every single penny that you stole from us back you utter,utter cunt. Fuck you, fuck your vile labour party fuck all of you to hell. We are coming for you and your kind...think you can turn my country into a third world banana republic shithole and get away with it? Not fucking likely.

Anonymous said...

Mikey, I have to say I like your style of expressing your sheer contempt because I couldn't have put this any better.

Pola Uddin is a PEER - what the fuck was Blair thinking?

This bitch should have resigned, but this new shameless labour era is disgusting. They are treating us like we are all stupid or something.

We all know she STOLE the money, she knows it and every dumbass fucker in the labour government knows it. SHE SHOULD RESIGN. And be put in jail for her CRIME.

She's living in a COUNCIL house and claiming expenses for a 2nd home. What a money-grabbing, benefit-theiving, fuckwit she is.

I have nothing but contempt for such a money-hungry-whore!