Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Don't Get Many Of Them To The Pound (Or Two)

Seems that M&S charge more for larger bras. As they contain more materials, it seems perfectly reasonable to me.

The Penguin


Cato said...

In my opinion, all bras should conform to the 'Standard British Handful'

Instead of a kitemark, they could have a palm print.

captainff said...

Are you going to do an in depth research piece on this Penguin?

The Penguin said...

Sadly, I'm a bit too old for that sort of research :-(

But at least I am now able to make decisions using the big head not the small head.

AngryDave said...

I am not too old and i am an avid fan of the contents of bras.

Ex-Pat Alfie said...

So glad I don't live in the UK.
What is this age limit thing?
More of Labour's social engineering?