Wednesday, 6 May 2009

After The Defeat, Now They Make Threats.

Unmarried, and with some dodgy claims about educational achievements. Hmmmm.

Following the defeat in the House of Commons, the government is resorting to making threats about the entire future of the Gurkhas.

We are used to this sort of underhand nastiness from this government of bullying and spin - it comes from the top.

The sooner Gordon McBroon departs the political landscape the better. He taints everything he touches.

And Kevan Jones - consider your card marked. We'll be watching you, you little weaselshit.

The Penguin


Earthlet Nigel said...

Bet the cunt will never stand up and demand that Somalis and others are sent packing or refused entry.

Just watch this lot: pretext, Defence Cuts. Bitter, twisted bastards who wouldn't comprehend democracy if it bit them in the face.
Cunts like him need beating around the head with a sharpened entrenching tool. Utter, utter ├╝ber cunts

Chalcedon said...

Weaselshit doesn't go far enough.Typical Noo Labour. You lose so you spit your dummy out and threaten to chuck all your toys away.

aproposofwhat said...

So what Kevan Fuckwit Jones is saying is that if we have to pay the Gurkhas what we really owe them, then the twisted intellectual pygmies that are New Labour will cease to recruit these brave, honourable men.

Perhaps he'd like the Luton Jihadi regiment, or the Oldham Taliban in the Army?

Fucking Hoon.

I was just discussing this issue today with a friend who's off to Afghanistan in September - all the British forces are four square behind the Gurkhas, and fear that they will receive the same total lack of respect from these fuckers.