Saturday, 2 May 2009

Congratulations, Mrs McNulty!

Christine Gilbert, Mrs Tom McNulty - or is it a bloke in drag?

One hopes that the conversation over the cornflakes and toast chez McNulty this morning is suitably chastened by what they have to read in the newspapers concerning the anal rape of a two year old who was on the child protection register of Haringey council, and presumably a sister to Peter Connolly, murdered by the same sub-human cunt.

For it was Ofsted, headed up by the vastly over-paid Mrs McNulty, who gave Haringey's Social Services Department a glowing report even after the death of Peter Connolly.

So far as I am aware, no heads have rolled in her quango.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

"double take".

I thought it was numpty. I know mps love themselves...

Faux Cu said...

Has anyone actually seen the two of them together?

Paul said...

Oh my god - that is scary.


Lexander said...

So when does she get the boot - WITHOUT any pay off?

When will she make a comment?

Anonymongous said...

Didn't they have a kid that played the banjo on Deliverance?

I, too, thought it was a photoshopped eyes! my eyes!