Sunday, 3 May 2009

Poor Jonah McBroon, How Can It Get Any Worse?

Our Beloved Unelected Leader, Saviour of The Known World, Bestest Ever Chancellor, Man Of Courage, Wielder Of The Moral Compass Of Doom, Wee Gordy McBroon is not having that good a week.

Made to look a complete twat over his Youtube video, ridiculed at PMQs, laughed at for trying to run away rather than make his statement over his photo-opp in Afghanistan, losing the Gurkha vote, backing away from his expense reform, and being called on by Charles Clarke to sack his little Blinky Balls, what else could go wrong for Jonah?

I'll bet he didn't expect to have his sagging arse bitten by a Ginger Chipmunk!

The Penguin

1 comment:

Old Bag said...

yes, and nanny wouldnt let him play with his favourite rattle either. diddums.