Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Gordon Sets Course For The Iceberg!

"You don't want to go there, do you Gordon?"

Despite being warned by the whips that he risks losing a third Commons vote over the part privatisation of the Post Office, Jonah McBroon, The Great Saviour Of The World (Unelected), has decided that he must press on with the plans which Mandy has already blown a chunky £3.5 million on.

He must know it is madness, but as Rachel Sylvester points out in the Times, he has fuck all choice, because he cannot afford to upset Lord Voldemort.

It doesn't matter about Batty Harriet wittering on, or the Ginger Minger taking sly potshots, or Postman Prat claiming loyalty - he can ignore those pygmies quite safely. They are insignificant.

But The Dark Master Of NuLiebore, who has already risen from the grave twice? Jonah has not the courage to risk a rift with Mandy, who he knows full well would not hesitate to stab him in the back if he thought it the right thing to do for "The Project".

Bringing Mandy back may yet prove to be the fatal mistake many of us predicted.

Happy times!!

The Penguin

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