Friday, 1 May 2009

Even Blinder Than David Blunkett

"It all started in America! This is no time for a novice!"

Last night, Mr Brown rejected suggestions that his authority has been diminished. “I don’t accept that at all,” he said in a BBC interview.

There is his main problem in a nutshell. He doesn't accept that he has made any mistakes, he refuses to listen to any opinions that are different to his own - his behaviour in Strasbourg while being criticised by Dan Hannan was very revealing! - and he has alienated many of his erstwhile supporters through his thuggish back-stabbing to damage anyone who he fears may provide any challenge to his precious authority.

Many of the old guard are now briefing openly against the nutter with the stutter. Charles Clarke, Stephen Byers, David Blunkett, even little Tommy Harris.

No one is going on the record to defend him.

The Home Office are at daggers drawn with the MOD over Gurkha-gate, and one has to wonder about the mood amongst back-benchers in advance of local and EUSSR elections with the whole Expenses Fiasco exacerbated by the Dance Of The Comedian on Youtube and the consequent clusterfuck in the Commons yesterday.

Happy Days, Jonah.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...
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Oldrightie said...

"The Nutter with the stutter", love it!

Anonymous said...

"it started in America" but he follows their principles "to a t". Whether it suit us or not.

squirming slimey cunt


is he a deluded half wit.

I think the latter.

(tighten borders or stop hand outs).

Old Bag said...

deluded snot gobbling cuntwit. that is all.

Chalcedon said...

Knives are already out judging by some comments from ministers. Even Mandy has seemingly chucked the towel in.