Friday, 8 May 2009

Are Barbecues Allowed Or Not?

Report in the Telegraph about the GreenBook rules says that barbecues are not allowed to be claimed.

Did I just imagine it or was The Fat Lodger caught claiming for a barbecue?

The Penguin

UPDATE - googled for it.

"Details of Jacqui Smith's expenses have emerged, showing how the Home Secretary allegedly claimed for a barbeque, plants and an outdoor patio heater."


captainff said...

You must be imagining it. Our glorious Home Secretary keeps on telling us that everything she has claimed has been within the rules and approved by the relevant parliamentary authorities. Apart from that porn error.

Today is turning out to be quite amusing, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Nope your not imagining it. The fat cunt blagged it. Total twat as can someone that consumed with greed find time to work?

Joe Public said...

For once, the Chinese have the correct strategy..............