Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Banned Video About Maddie

Certainly made me rethink things.

Hat Tip to Anna Raccoon.

The Penguin


subrosa said...

I saw this last week Penguin. Like you, it left me plenty food for thought.

Henry North London said...

Need to adjust the size of your video in the embed code

425 by 294 should do it

The Penguin said...

Cheers Henry!

Oldrightie said...

Very moving and convincing.

AngryDave said...

It confirms what a lot of people, myself included, believed all along. They killed their daughter and hid the body. I believe that the body was never found because that 'proffessionals' were used to dispose of her body.
The way they managed the press was just too cold and calculated for my liking, and at no point did they ever appear genuine.
The fact that the uk press has been silenced on certain issues and the fact that they returned to the uk as soon as they were made suspects all point to guilt.

An englishman said...

What we all know... but no-one is allowed to say

I thought it was obvious from day 1, and always have

Anna Raccoon said...

Thank-you for the link Penguin. the more people who see this the better.
I have posted today the 'approved' version of their story, made by Oprah Winfrey - in the interests of balance.

Both sides seem to be going for trial by internet - and interesting development of the justice system in itself.

Henry North London said...

My absolute pleasure Penguin

Happy to help I hate having things that overlap...

I must hie over to Anna Raccoons and see the sanitised version