Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Tell It Like It Is!

"Cardiff coroner Miss Mary Hassell told their families: 'I'm very sorry for the loss of two such young men.' "

Bollocks!! Politically correct clap-trap.

What the coroner should have said was "Good riddance to a thieving pair of scallies! Luckily the taxpayer will not have to support this pair of scrotes either in prison or through claiming benefits. It is regretable that their accomplices were not killed as well."

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Argument proof

Captain Haddock said...

In view of this incident, I may have to revise my thinking ..

Perhaps there is a God, after all ...

Anonymous said...

4chan got at the weeping chavs on the Facebook RIP page: http://4chanarchive.org/images/180641968/1260454666678.jpg

Warning, NSFW follows
More here: http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/dspl_thread.php5?thread_id=180641968&x=Dead+Chav+Trollin

Typical pikey scum. Had to laugh at this too:

Fascist Hippy said...

The train driver should be knighted for services to the community.

Anonymous said...

Brings tears to a glass eye although I do feel sorry for the poor sod driving the train

Anonymous said...

The "helmetless motor cycle thief" looks like these idiots on stolen quads. Part of a huge inbred family or the chav uniform?

Old Seatonian said...

This is very inconvenient for rail travellers.

They should be directed to freight lines or sidings to play. Alternatively there should be chav specials built into the timetable so as not to disruot the travelling public.

Having said that....if that is not possible then it is still worth putting up with the inconvenience in order to remove chavs.

Anonymous said...

On the bright side, their housing estate are all kitted out now for the coming winter.

Looks like the summit of Everest. Except with more fags, and cans of Stella.