Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Real Hardship

Careless Wanker

"The judge said he took into account that Michael had checked into a clinic after the crash to seek help for anxiety, depression and insomnia, which had led him to depend on prescription drugs.

"I accept entirely that you have shown remorse for the offence, that you are ashamed of it, that you admitted it," he said, but added that a jail term was inevitable because of Michael's previous conviction. At that point, Michael's long-term partner Kenny Goss threw his head into his hands."

From the Grauniad.

Hardly going to be much of a punishment for the tosser is it? Four weeks or less in a nice warm jail with all the cannabis he can wish for readily available and as much cock as he can possibly want.

Still, if there was any justice he'd still be an unknown wanker washing dishes in some Greek restaurant.

The Penguin


Jill said...

Guilty feet have got no rhythm.

Oldrightie said...

It's like sending some ASBO pillock to a sweet factory.

Anonymous said...

That dirty faggot will be picking up the soap and thanking us for it.

There is probably nothing that he enjoys more than that which real men fear the most - a huge, aids-infected knob rammed hard up his trembling, unlubricated fundament.

So I am not going to wish anal rape on him. I hope that they just beat the shit out of the pervert.

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

As someone said on the risible piece by Harry Mount on the Telegraph:

"The guy likes taking drugs and having casual sex with strangers in toilets and they are sending him to prison as punishment!!!"

Michael had musical talent 15 years ago but he's just a waster now.

Anonymous said...

I here he had a chocolate bar shoved up his arse within minutes of hitting D-wing: Prison Guv'nor confirmed it was a careless wispa.

Anonymous said...

I love how his solicitor tried to get bail, until George worked out that Prison is a theme pack for connoisseurs of the cock.

Good luck trying to get him out the door when his time is up.

Anonymous said...

He was very disappointed. He wanted 8 weeks.