Thursday, 16 September 2010

Arrogant Bitch From A Parallel Universe?

"No One Made Any Mistake, Got It?"

Seems no-one at the top of the cluster-fuck that is HMRC has much of a relationship with the real world.

Asked by MPs about the tax fiasco affecting millions of people, HM Revenue & Customs chief executive Dame Lesley Strathie insisted ‘no mistakes’ had been made by her staff. This despite a backlog of 24 million "miscalculations" made by the people at HMRC which now need sorting out.

Now I'm a simple flightless bird with anger-management issues, but it seems to me that some cunt has been making a fucking whole pile of mistakes.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If you are going to lie make a big fucker and repeat it.

HMRC have learned from their erstwhile masters.

Anything the Labour Party can do?

Watch out for

"It all started in America" creeping out soon.

bofl said...

these arrogant no-nothing fuckwits need to be forced out-no pay off-no pension.
We live in the digital age. there are sites on the web with tax calculators. type in your details and in the blink of an eye you get the answer!
A fail rate of 20% is NOT anywhere good enough.

All of these people want city trader salaries- yet at no risk of losing their jobs.
(councils are full of them)
We have 2.5 million officially out of work. I am sure we can find a replacement at a lower rate.

the people affected by tjese cock-ups should organise a strike.

everything has really changed under dave hasn't it?

Joe Public said...

HMRC did not make any mistakes.

2.3 million UK citizens over-earned.

Penny Black said...

Looks like we have all been "taxidermisted" then...

K.McEgan said...

Another member of the skawtish Fabian fucking Mafia who has spent an entire lifetime suckling at the teat of the State. What a total and utter fucking cunt.

"She started work for the government in a Scottish Department of Health and Social Security office before moving to London in 1984."

WV: cominte - how very appropriate !

Anonymous said...

took me 6 months of writing letters and phone calls to reclaim the tax that had incorrectly been taken by HMRC. In that time I received 6 different tax codes for exactly the same information. These people are cretins of the highest order.

I received an apology after lobbying my MP, which basically said every thing is okay. Patronising, insulting and unacceptable - and that's jusdt the MP, HMRC are worse.

Old Seatonian said...

It is not only we have obnoxiuos cretans running HMRC, but they are corrupt as well. They are all off on junkets with the consulting and computing comapanies who see this as an easy touch.

You have a corrupt fuckwit running the show, so just roll in hundreds of kids who have just left university as consutlants, charge a fortune, and is it a suprise what happens !

Cameron needs to get a grip as he seems to be going the same way as the arsehole Blair.

Thought Piggy would be getting on top of this.

Chris said...

I thought this was going to be one about that hideous hag Sharon Shoesmith calling the reaction to Haringey Social Services letting Peter Connolly die "absurd".

It's *another* - entirely different - entitled and out-of-touch candidate for the hempen jig though. Right-oh, carry on.

Old Nick said...

I burnt the fucker for you - what more do you want?