Thursday, 2 September 2010

Plenty Of Savings Can Easily Be Made

Lucky He Didn't "Resist Arrest"

There's obviously plenty of fat and fat-headedness to be stripped from the ranks of Plod.

Four of Madchester's "finest" waste time and effort in alienating what little public sympathy they have left by hassling an 84-year old over an alleged crime of riding a bicycle in a pededestrianised area.

Then a senior orifice tries to defend the indefensible.


The Penguin


Joe Public said...

The taxpayer got off lightly, with only two PCs & two PCSOs attending that 'criminal'.

In Bucks, they used a Chopper to follow a non-criminal.

microdave said...

Did you see the other article about police complaints? One ociffer had to wear a helmet-cam to monitor his behaviour!

Biffo said...

Loadsa money to be saved on Plod cutbacks in that little corner of the world then!
Hope the old guy sticks to his guns.

microdave said...

"In Bucks, they used a Chopper to follow a non-criminal."

In Lincolnshire they have a different approach:

I have to declare a vested interest in that post....

alfstone said...

But his crime was not riding a bicycle in a pedestrian area - it was not obeying orders. He was told to jump and he didn't say "how high?".

Ol;d Seatonian said...

At that age he probably fought for a society where honest decent people were not harassed by a bloated authoritarian regime.

In 1940 Britain stood alone,to gives us freedom of speach - the origins of the Ranting Peguin.The Police an important part of the home front.

In 2010 four Police hastle an 84 year old man for riding a bike.

Somewhere in that 70 year period things seem to have gone off track.

Me thinks they need to look at their values, so we can get back to respecting those who should be an essential part of the community.