Friday, 3 September 2010

Completely Innocent, Of Course

Police Guard For Pakistani Cricketer's Kit Bag Full Of Money

The Pakistani cricketers who have been caught out taking large wads of readies in return for colluding with corrupt betting syndicates are protesting their innocence, and being backed up by the Pakistani authorities.

Soldmy Butt, Mohammed Cashinhand, and Mohammed Minesagrand were all set up by the News of the World and Inspector Knacker, according to Wadsof Cash, the Pakistani High Commissioner (interesting title, I suppose the standard rate of commission is 15%?).

"The marked bank notes are nothing to do with the poor hard done by cricketers, they were just resting in their lockers. After all this mental torture they are in no fit state to play cricket, or even to count the money. I blame the media and the police, and I'll be talking to Keith Vaz to complain about all these allegations!"

The Penguin


Earthlet Nigel said...

About as innocent as the Yorkshire ripper, and don't forget Mo's Act of Mo money-spinning venture in flooding the country

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Nice to see the Plod and Plastic Plod in the pic are all ethnics.