Thursday, 30 September 2010

Police Overkill

No wonder you can't get anything but a fucking crime number if you phone Plod because you are being burgled.

Inspector Knacker and his team are too busy going tooled up and gung-ho, keen to use the arsenal of toys they deem necessary. 59 armed officers with over 100 weapons to "contain" a drunken prat with a shotgun - and then kill him after "provoking a reaction".

You couldn't make it up and be believed. Bound to be some promotions shortly.

The cunts.

The Penguin


biffo said...

I listened to some of the tape of Plod 'persuading' him. They just wouldn't shut up 'Mark can you hear me? Mark are you listening to me? Mark....? Mark......?'
IMHO they would have driven anyone under the influence of drink & drugs to a violent reaction. They were making me irritable just listening & I wasn't even involved in any way. I just kept thinking 'FFS, shut the fuck up & actually give him time to respond. Yes, no doubt more promotions all round as another example of Plod murder gets brushed under the carpet. Bottom line from the tape I heard & the article I read, the police involved couldn't even obey orders & chose to do their own thing - they are dangerous thugs IMO & shouldn't be allowed access to weapons. Mark Saunders may have been a stupid prat but he didn't deserve to pay with his life.

Kitler said...

I'm no fan of the cops, but be realistic. If you start unloading your shotgun into the street and refuse to drop it when the armed plods turn up then you are going to get shot. Being a drunk or a loony won't make any difference. And if you watch the footage he gets shot the moment the barrel faces downwards towards where the negotiators are. He was lucky to live that long but the moment he let that barrel point at the cops he was dead. You will be too if you are ever dumb enough to point a gun at the police.

Joe Public said...

"Bound to be some promotions shortly."

That'd be Ali Dizaei then.

Anonymous said...

Ali Dizaei was in charge of that op, wasn't he?

Harry Cross said...

Wave a gun around and take pot shots at the police, and expect to shot got back.

One less cocaine-abusing City boy parasite.