Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Police - Wasting Your Money and Tiime!

"What's That? Armed Burglar? Sorry, Madam, We're on Our Tea Break!"

A documentary film-maker was hauled into court on a charge of stealing electricity worth 0.003p.

But by the time the ludicrous case was dropped, the bill to taxpayers was more than £5,000.

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The ludicrous actions of the stupid police and the cretins at the CPS are sadly typical - and then they wonder why the public have such little confidence in the criminal justice system?

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

theres only really one word for authorities behaving like this.... fuckwits

on a related note

Captain Swing said...

The Police seem more keen to parade around places like Brighton
proclaiming to all that they like to take it up the tailpipe than actually doing their jobs.
Most(but not all) coppers these days are just politically correct cowardly drones that are scared to take on the real crims.Witness how being a pikey or chav these days is a get out of jail free card.

winston smith said...

well said captain swing . it used to be a police FORCE . now its a SERVICE says it all really

Barking Spider said...

And it's a fucking rotten "service" at that, WS.
Must be a service for their political masters because its certainly not for the public.

Marchamont Needham said...

They used to call us "members of the public". Now they call us "civilians".

Says it all really.

microdave said...

"They used to call us "members of the public". Now they call us "civilians"."

Which presumably makes them members of HM Armed Forces?

They probably have more working guns & ammo than the soldiers in Afghanistan, so I suppose it's not so daft after all....