Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Peter Connolly, A Nice Little Earner.

Bad enough that poor little mite Peter Connolly had horrendous injuries inflicted on him before being murdered by Steven Barker, Jason Owne, and his slut of a mother, but now the fucking useless twat of a father is clambering onto the gravy train as well.

"Traumatised" and in need of large wads of compensation to alleviate his grief. Fucking cunt can't get enough money to stop him being just as complicit in the mistreatment and murder of Peter as the rest of the imbeciles who left him in harm's way. What father could fail to notice the catalogue of injuries that should have been obvious to a fucking blind person? And just hand him back?

Still, it's good to see just how much money can be generated from one high profile little victim, isn't it?

Just think of all the cunts feeding on the corpse. Social workers, obviously, and the medical profession (including pathologists), police, journalists and newspaper publishers, local and national politicians, pundits, prison officials, probation services, and of course, not forgetting all the m'learned friends involved all over like a fucking plague. And all the compensation claims, from that fucking cunt Shoesmith onwards.

Meanwhile another anonymous Peter Connolly is being murdered every week.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

"Meanwhile another anonymous Peter Connolly is being murdered every week."

Wrong. Every day.

banned said...

Dad does not seem to be an ideal person but he had the law and admin against him when it came to access to his son.
His claim for compo though is undignified at best, based I understand on his inability to work due to the "stress caused by his sons murder". A close look at his earlier working pattern would seem justified.

Anonymous said...

His dad did try to take him away, but the BITCH, called the cops on him...