Tuesday, 18 August 2009

After A Ten Year Holiday, This Piss-Taker Is Suing Us?

Alice-In-Wonderland doesn't come close.

After 10 years living here at our expense, and doing fuck knows what else to achieve a flash lifestyle, this cunt is suing the tax-payer (at the tax-payer's expense, no doubt!).

Another triumph for little custard face Woolas. Perhaps he deserves a promotion, we need to replace a Foreign Secretary who thinks terrorism is justified if it's killing nasty white South Afrikaans.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

We need to get some terrorists to kill the Foreign Secretary, and the rest of his dictatorial Government.

Tweed said...

He needs a boot up the arse-hole on his way out of the UK. Send the fucker back to his Third World hellhole.

Anonymous said...

The Home Office has been run by a succession of utterly useless fuckpigs. Man of Straw, Blind Pew, Big Ears, The Glasgow thug "Doctor" Reid ad nauseum. However the real blame for this lunacy lies at the door of Bliar and his fag hag, slot gobbed, ambulance chasing shyster wife. The Human Rights Act has allowed these dirtbags, assisted by legal aid, ambulance chasing crooks to suck millions out of the treaury and effectively wreck any immigration policy.

When I read shit like this it just reminds me I did the right thing by emigrating. Britain has been wankered beyond repair by Blair and Co. Welcome to the turd world.