Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Parking Ticket For Blears!

Serve the Ginger Minger right, parked on double yellows.

These fucking politicians think they are above the law!

The Penguin


Blind Pugh said...

It's a real shame they didn't wait for her to get back in the car before setting about it and her. They could've locked the doors, stuffed a rag in the petrol tank and torched the bitch. I hope the cunt is starting to get the message - fuck the fuck off you dwarvish cunt.

charcoal said...

and give her four tickets for having unroadworthy tires.

Burning Tories would lower fuel costs said...

"These fucking politicians think they are above the law!"

Penguin's quote.

You're right you are.

That Tory Scum-sucker Duncan - thinks the Law owes him a living.

banned said...

Can't park straight either.