Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Stepping Back To 1400 Or So

I'm off to North Wales for a few days - back late Monday.

The weather forecast is good, but as ever, unreliable. So fingers crossed as I'll be in a tent - and, for a change, the mob are coming with me from the start, rather than turning up for the weekend when I've done all the hard work.

Not that I anticipate them doing bugger all useful.

Now I have to do final packing and so on, and I have the pleasure of two 4 year old twins and a overloaded elderly Transit van to look forward to as we chug slowly to North Wales and the Middle Ages.


The Penguin

UPDATE TO 21st Century

The weather was great, almost perfect but rained overnight Sunday and onMonday, so a lot of soggy work and the beginnings of trenchfoot. Have to take my panama hat off to SWMBO and the PC, they got stuck in really well once the little monsters were asleep in the car. The bloody waterpipe has never been so well and neatly coiled up! Still past 11pm when we got away, and then a journey enlivened (!) by the Transit having a nearside rear tyre blow out at 70mph or so on the M6 near Stoke. Not an experience I fancy repeating, but says a lot for old Transit vans than we survived. I'd never have been able to jack the fully laden brute up, so we called the RAC. Got home about 5.15am.


Oldrightie said...

You may well pass near my place on the way!

subrosa said...

Have a great time RP, you know want to!

Guthrum said...

Have a good one my re enacting days are sadly long over !

Anonymous said...

Why go all the way to bloody Wales to bugger about in the 1400's when you can join a mosque and do it every day.

wv: cysten. Yep, country has gone down the karzey alright.

ps Get a caravan - better than a tent. Honest.

Anonymous said...

Are both the twins 4 years old, then? That's quite a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Are there two twins?


wv fatent. WIll you be eating pies in it?

Anonymous said...

Are you there yet?

Wv: Supleake.

Not in the roof of the tent I hope !

Anonymous said...

Anon - "bugger about in the 1400's when you can join a mosque and do it every day."
!! SO TRUE !!

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Take your fucking time, why don't you?