Sunday, 13 March 2011

Protecting The Public Purse?

Eugene Sullivan who needs a granny-trolley for his wages.

The Audit Commission needs to be axed, immediately. It is obviously completely unfit for purpose or we wouldn't be constantly hearing of fresh examples of government and local authority waste and excess.

And it is taking the piss, paying extras and allowances to boost the package of it's internally promoted chief executive to a disgraceful £250,000 in defiance of Fatty Pickles refusal to sanction advertising for an external candidate with a salary of £240,00 "to attract a good candidate".

No one would miss this bunch of charlatans and wasters.

The Penguin


sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I don't understand why we the taxpayer don't have more rights. We should be able to sue and we should have a say in who gets hired and fired.

Dave said...

What a complete pythonesque piss take. Are the tax payers alliance on to this abuse? No wonder people do their best to avoid tax including using the black economy. I prefer to pay in cash just so that these characters dont get anything out of the transaction.

Anonymous said...


We do have the right only we dont know how to use it. If our taxpayer money is being abused (and it is, left, right and centre), then we have the right to withdraw consent. Stop paying taxes where you can until they resolve your complaint. Make life hard for them. The more people that flood them with complaints and withdraw their taxes, the sooner it will be sorted.

They cannot squander money if the people dont give it. If your child eats crap and is getting fat, you'd put them on a diet wouldn't you? These uber-fat-cunts need to be starved of our money.