Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Big Deal, Check His Shoes As Well!

Sikh With Turban, Sikh With Baseball Cap

Jeev Milkha Singh, India's top golfer was born in Chandigarh, India, in a Sikh Rajput[1] family to Indian Olympic athlete Milkha Singh and Nirmal Kaur, former captain of the Indian women's volleyball team.[2] He lives in Chandigarh. According to good old wikipedia, anyway.

So, he's a Sikh - as is his golfing coach, Amritinder Singh.

So what the fucking hell is all the fuss about asking Amritinder Singh to take his turban off as part of a security check at Milano airport?

Because it is clear from the photograph that not wearing a fucking turban isn't a fucking issue.

Just curious, before fragrant Felicity starts banging the racism drum!

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Yup, all these effing jobsworths make you sikh don't they.

Furor Teutonicus said...

It is the same with motorbike crash helmets. Never worn a turban in their fucking LIFE, yet, because they are a "Sikh" they get away with no helmet.

Just curious, before fragrant Felicity starts banging the racism drum! XX

Don't have a clue who that is, but YES,! and fucking PROUD to be! would be my answer.

And it is things like your Sikh story, and the crash helmets, i.e "you follow the laws, and I will do what I want, or I will scream and shout "descrimination!" that have MADE me so.

Dance enterprise said...
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Anonymous said...

here will be blood. Every one of the racist Italian Police will lose their jobs , India has threatened a trade war , which quite simply will bring the Italians on their knees , just ask Jacques Chirac who begged Manmohan singh for mercy over Mittal, compensation will given , formal apologies made by the Italian dipolmats and Golf association , they are in Delhi right now. You want to go to war with the 3rd largest army in the world fully backed by the USA , India has nuclear weapons to test and experiment with , ready to blow.C'mon , its a new world , the rise of east with a hell of a lot of bombs ready for any racists. May the Italians beg for mercy.

Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister of India is a Sikh , and he wears a Turban , Dr.Manmohan Singh , already his financial backers are calling for stern action , both trade and military , give Europe a warning and a taste of some nice medicine.

NewYorkSikh said...

EU law violated. Sikh Congressman Dalip Singh Saund protests in USA , along with numerous Sikh tycoons across USA with political allies.

9 Sikh MP's in Canada are protesting , the Canadian Prime Minister a champion for the Sikhs who recently visited the Golden Temple is furious

President Obama another champion of the Sikhs in USA has been notified, Protests across Canada are being organised , New York and New Jersey Sikh businessmen , a plethora of millionaires are planning action.

Sikhs across the UK are livid , and will put pressure on Tory MPs and Labour to make this an issue.

Please join us at the Italian embassies in the USA , Canada and UK. Sikh

ConcernedCitizen said...

*Update* Italian ambassador, Giacomo Sanfelice Di Monteforte groveling at the feet of India 's politicians.

Sikh group Dal Khalsa has written to the Italian ambassador expressing its concern about several incidences at Milan Airport

Anonymous said...

my issue is you refering to the turban us a "fucking turban" where are your manners.

if it wasnt for the men in turbans youd probably be speaking german

Furor Teutonicus said...

Und? Haben Sie Probleme damit?

What have fucking turbans ever done for me?