Sunday, 20 March 2011

Motorists! Beware The Weasel At The Wheel!!

"Ethics? Isn't that in East Anglia?"

 A new danger has emerged to worry UK motorists.

Jack The Weasel is taking driving lessons to re-learn how to drive, because after so many years of being sat in the back of a ministerial limousine he's forgotten how to drive.

Once he has mastered the Highway Code and clutch control, he is looking to take lessons in telling the truth, acting in an honourable way, and displaying morals.

We predict complete failure on the last three.

The Penguin


Captain Haddock said...

Pity the fucker hasn't forgotten how to breathe ..

Maybe he'll be taking lessons at the "Harriet Harman School of Motoring" ..

You know .. hit & run ..

microdave said...

Forgotten how to drive??? - After 15 years??

Bollox - I've read of WW2 veterans who've been taken up for a flight in dual control aircraft and been almost instantly at home after a break of more than 50 years...

Bent ref said...

@microdave. I agree. It's like swimming or riding a bike - once you learn you never forget how it is done. Can someone slip the examiner a tenner to ensure a "fail" when Slippery Jim takes his test?

Anonymous said...

New Labour - New Danger

micky said...
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John said...

Excellent news. The voters of Blackburn will soon have the opportunity to drive him off the road into a tree.

I await with Daily Mail article confirming. With a bit of luck he's have his chum Prescott in the passenger seat. Don't forget your seatbelts ladies.