Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Do Your Own Dirty Work

I've got some advice for the Arab League who are busy calling for a No Fly Zone over Libya to prevent the mad bastard Gaddafi using his airforce to exterminate those who dislike his loony rule.

Do it your fucking selves. With all those aeroplanes you bought from BAE Systems of Death (with added bribes).

Then you won't have to complain about fucking Crusaders accidentally killing civilians, or Zionists stealing your fucking camels.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Sounds reasonable but behind the scenes all the major powers are scrapping over the scraps left after this unrest.

Captain Ranty said...

The EU, the UN and NATO will talk, talk, talk, but none of them will do anything.

When it comes down to it, they are all spineless bastards.

Watch for the witch-hunt that follows, as Unkie Muammar realises that he has control again. I forecast many, many thousands of deaths.

But we will have the last laugh, as we refuse to send any Heinz beans or Nescafe to Libya.

That'll teach the genocidal maniac.


Caratacus said...

Well said Mr.P.

Don't hold your breath though. Chances are that most of the kit they bought doesn't work, or not enough camel shaggers have been trained to drive/fly/operate the bloody things.

There is always the fact that it is far better for the infidel to do the shitty stuff so that when it all goes tits up the many princes' hands are clean...

As CR says, many people are going to pay the price for this. Poor bastards.

bryboy said...

We really must learn from the events in Libya and Bahrein. A week last Monday a group of people protested in Birkenhead and 'arrested a judge'. It was a valiant effort and it will continue but everyone must be prepared for the repercussions. These 'socialists'are well entrenched. Balls of titanium will be required!

Salv said...

These sandjockies are a bunch of gutless whingers. Let them sort out there own crap. I agree the EU, UN and NGOWHOFUCKINGCARES are talking shops with no stomach for a fight. Where i will disagree with you if and if the UK were promised say a sizable chunk of the black juice in the ground in exchange for whacking this tyrant, hey lets talk about it. But since we have over stretched armed forces that are being cut back and a lack of "whats good for the UK and fuck everybody else"mentality we will just be bystanders in an arab blood bath. Just one thought can you imagine how cheap our petrol would be if we controlled their oil. I know I am being a white imperial colonialist with no regard to the people of Libya. Just a thought........... 0.35 a litre sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. No I don't know where I got that figure from it would just look good as i drive on the forecourt of Tesco as seeing that price on the display which at present stands at 1.31 a litre for petrol

Sres said...

Totally agree, we are not the world police.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Just one thought can you imagine how cheap our petrol would be if we controlled their oil.XX

Would not change a fucking THING on the forecourt. All that would happen is that our various dictatorships would pocket the difference, and we would still be paying the "full" price. In fact they would probably find SOME reason to tewll us prices had actualy RISEN. Cat farts on the oil tanker, or something.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Now walking in and capturing their oil is a good idea. After all, we fucking BUILT the wells for the bastards.

Without the West, they would still be trying to sell camel shit to Newcastle.

richard said...

To impose a "no fly zone" you need long range aircraft with radar, ie the Nimrod, which Cameron has scrapped. We need to send an aircraft carrier, which Cameron has scrapped, with it's compliment of aircraft, which Cameron has scrapped, ideally flown by the best pilots in the world, whom Cameon has sacked.
The only "no fly zone" which this country can now offer is a matchbox containing a spider.

Air Vice Vice said...

Watch the fuss when we lose our first plane over Libya.

Worse still, as we only have an estimated twenty five at the moment (three of those in museums) then losing one of them would be really bad form. Tally-Ho!