Friday, 18 December 2009

Surely More Bonuses Are Required?

"Ooooh, that Joanna Lumley, Phwooooarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

The Home Office, declared unfit for purpose by John "Oh No, Not Fucking Health!" Reid, and subsequently split into the farcical Ministry Of Justice under Head Weasel "Slippery Cunt" Jack Straw and the rump left for the likes of "Box Room" Jacqui Spliff and "Postman Prat" to preside over lurches to another monumental fuck-up.

The UK Borders Agency - you know, the wankers who can't deport terrorists or criminals! - have blown £1.2 billion on a database system to track people coming in and over-staying - errrr, leaving! - the UK. Only to find it's illegal under EUSSR rules.

Surely Phil "Custard Face" will have to trot along ( there's got to be a pun there!) to see Alistair Darling and beg for some more bonuses for his staff?

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Yes. Yet again these brave interpid managers, desk jokeying courageously around Whitehall, fearless in the face of all sorts of adversity, like a Monday morning meeting, or spotted dick not being on the luncheon menu on a Thursday at the club seem to have been rather caught out there.

Still, the up side of it was that they actually got their bonuses before anyone found out about it all, so that's ok then.

Plus it was only £1.2 million, and heaven knows, that's absolutely nothing at all in this day and age.

Still, as Mr Wool-Arse said recently... you have to have the very best in management to get the job done, and you have to pay for the best.

Knighthood for Wool-Arse?

Bless. It's good to know our governance is in these top managers' hands.

The Penguin said...

Newspaper said £1.2 BILLION....

He'll need a Peerage!

Atheist Ranter said...

How the fuck can it be 'illegal'? Illegal, fucking illegal! What the fuck does that mean? I am monitored every fucking time I go out of and back into MY country so why the fuck should some cunt with nothing better to do, search the shit previously laid down by those cunts in Westminster and decide that it does not apply to murdering rag-heads and dole scroungers from the back of beyond...

I really do need a lie down.

Anonymous said...

'Phil Woolas, said he was confident that e-borders was fully compliant with EU law'.
If that thick cunt Woolas says that - you can guarantee it ain't. Completely O/T but so good to see that other fuckwit Sian Simon has been caught out over his expenses brcause of renting from his sister. Keep it all in the family eh Sian?

Anonymous said...

I see that they have reduced the expenses of the front line staff in the Borders Agency, presumably to pay for the fat cat useless pratt managers' £10,000 a piece bonuses.

I only believe in striking as a last resort, but in this case I am 100% behind them. They have shut the ports in Northern France.

Wool Arse must be the most useless of all ministers, and in this bunch of incompetent fiddlers, that is really saying something.

If they spend a bit longer on thier duties and a little less time filling in their expense forms, they might earn at least some of their wages.

I did an article on Simple Simon btw

Anonymous said...

Penguin.... Yep, it was Billion. Sorry typo on my part.

A mere bagatelle in the waste that this government has left in its wake.