Sunday, 6 December 2009

Another Thieving Bastard Bang To Rights!

Setting A Fine Example For The Boys In The Gangs?

Seems to me the House Of Mainly Appointed Lords is just as stuffed with corrupt thieves as the House of Commons.

Yet another political placeman is caught bang to rights abusing the system through blatant dishonesty.

In any other walk of life this would result in criminal prosecution - I can think of a raft of possible charges, such as deception to obtain a pecuniary advantage, fraud, etc.

I wonder how long it will take the incredibly reluctant Inspector Knacker to take action, and whether the upstanding and totally impartial Kier Starmer will decide that a prosecution is in the public interest.

Mind you, there's a fucking lot of them in the queue.

The Penguin


Blind Pugh said...

Dream on Mr Penguin. This one will get swept under the carpet using the "it conformed to the rules in place at the time" bullshit. None of these cunts is going to end up in court. So best we round them up and tie them to big roman candles and burn them to fuckety.

Greedy conniving cunts.

Fidothedog said...

SOCA the cunt, seize his assets and throw his ignoble arse in jail.

Anonymous said...

Is it cuz I is black?

When I think of lords, I think of landowners, the embarrassing sons of monarchs (holds true today!), wise soldiers and Prime Ministers, a few God-botherers and in extremis some sound judges.

Now, since life peerages, this system is completely debauched. I love Carol Vorderman and would gladly give her one while she was sorting out my tax return (thanks, Viz), but why should she be in the HoL? What about the greasy Ashton? Archole? Mandelbum? Martin? Foulkes?

Blair should be fed through a wood chipper. Life peers can be given the option to renounce their peerages (although that mechanism is not yet in place) or enjoy the same fate.